Monday, June 27, 2011

tattoo yakuza girl yakuza girl are beautiful works of art if they are done correctly and place somewhere that works for the person receiving the tattoo. The lower back tattoo is one of the most common tattoos that females choose to get inked. Not only is it a beautiful spot on a woman’s body, it is also one of the largest portions of a woman’s body, making it the perfect choice for larger tattoos that simply cannot be placed elsewhere.

Many people view this tattoo as being a “tramp stamp” meaning that the girl that is wearing it is promiscuous. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many females choose this placement simply for the sheer location factor. It is a place that can be shown when she wants to, a place that can be hidden when the need arises and a perfect place to put a tattoo. yakuza girl yakuza girl yakuza girl

I went to some half-assed club and got threaten by some 15 years old guy who wanna find trouble cuz he dislikes the way i was dancing in the club!!!

Luckily, my other fren knew some guys from his gang, so everything’s cool…

also, i see young girls/boys like 11-12 years old who start smoking, drinking. getting tattoos and stuff, acting like bigshots(like as if they are the mafia boss)! I wish the REAL Yakuza or Mafia would come and kick their arrogant a** or something…

also many gals in my school got pregnant at 14-17 and had to get married..

Will the society collasp under the hands of our future youth? Very likely i guess…

Well, if your idea of a fun night is hanging out at half-assed clubs, I guess that’s what you get.

I have no idea of where you live, but aren’t there any PARENTS in charge anymore?

Hate to sound like an old person, but things weren’t that bad when I was a teen. Kids nowadays!

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