Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Arnold Schwarzenegger Files Fresh Divorce Response

Arnold Schwarzenegger filed a fresh response to Maria Shriver's divorce petition on Monday, July 25, conceding spousal support and legal fees for his separated wife.

He also tweeted support for his and Maria's son, Christopher, who is currently recovering from injuries sustained in a boogie boarding accident.

"Thanks for all your support for Christopher. It means a lot to me & to him," Arnold wrote.

"He's doing much better & we'll have him back at full speed soon."

The former two term California governor took to his Twitter account after more than a month to express his support.

Arnold's initial response to Maria's divorce petition, filed last week while Christopher was in ICU, had sought to deny Maria spousal support and legal fees.

The response triggered a conflict in the divorce proceedings that had so far been amicable. Maria was hurt by Arnold's insensitivity, since it was his infidelity that forced her to seek a divorce.

Arnold now tells TMZ that he signed the initial set of documents, without carefully perusing them, as he was preoccupied with Christopher's medical emergency; he relied on his lawyer to do the right thing.

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