Friday, July 15, 2011

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen Exploring Reconciliation

Brooke Mueller has been hanging out with Charlie Sheen at his house, now that his two goddesses have left with their 'blessings.'

According to TMZ, Brooke has been telling friends that there is a possibility of reconciliation.

But then Brooke has also been showing signs of renewed substance abuse. She was recently photographed looking disheveled holding a foil pipe often used to smoke crack. She latter clarified that she was using the pipe to smoke Marijuana for which she has a prescription.

Earlier, Brooke was spotted in Hawaii near a car in a "shady transaction." Still earlier, she tried to pawn off her jewelry in LA.

Brooke has told friends that she and Charlie have a lot in common, including their twins, but she realizes that a reconciliation has its perils considering their toxic past that includes Charlie holding a knife to her throat.

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