Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daredevil Respect Super Heroe

“Herp-a-derp, Daredevil’s a blind guy with the power to see! Lamez!” Yeah, he’s blind and his power is not to be, but completely ignoring the crazy boosted sense and radar vision that he has (and some awesome writing that’s come from that), Daredevil under the right hands is one of the most emotionally wrenching characters in comicdom. There’s this great scene in the Kevin Smith run of Daredevil, where he’s trying to forget his girlfriend who disappeared, but due to his enhanced senses, he smells her perfume everywhere, he can feel the tiny dent left behind by her in the bed. He’s also the person who gets shat on the most by the Marvel universe. No matter how bad things get for Spider-man, he just says “at least I’m not Daredevil!” His secret identity got sold out for smack money, every woman he’s ever loved has died horribly, he’s ended up on the streets more times than I care to think, and his law firm is constantly falling apart. The world hates Matt Murdock, but that’s what makes him such a strong character.

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