Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elin Nordegren Rages, Boyfriend Denies Rachel Uchitel Affair

Elin Nordegren is enraged that her new boyfriend, New York based marketing executive Jamie Dingman, had an affair with Rachel Uchitel before Uchitel hooked up with Tiger Woods.

Elin has been quietly dating Jamie for six months, but TMZ's weekend story about Jamie's affair with Uchitel reportedly caught Elin completely unaware. She had no idea!

Jamie's friends are now telling TMZ that there is no truth in Uchitel's claims that she slept with Jamie, but other TMZ sources are sticking to their story which is:

Jamie and Uchitel stayed together on two occasions in 2009 in Miami.

Jamie visited Uchitel in Miami for 2 1/2 weeks in October 2009 to discuss plans for a new investment business. The two stayed with Chris Barish, the third partner in the proposed venture, at his house in the city.

Jamie was then dating a model named Inez, but she wasn't seen with Jamie often.

Sources in the house tell TMZ that during his stay in Miami, Jamie visited Uchitel in her room late at night on two occasions and each time Uchitel discussed the 'liason' with Barish the next morning!

When this was going on, Barish was seeing Playboy model Jen Madden, who blew the whistle on the Tiger Wood scandal in a story to the National Enquirer.

Jen got most of her information for the story about Tiger's affairs from discussions that she overheard between Rachel, Jamie and Chris.

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