Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kareena Kapoor Open to 'Heroine' Return

Kareena Kapoor says Madhur Bhandrakar's film Heroine was scripted with her in mind as protagonist and she is open to a return to the project provided Madhur is ready to wait for her dates.

"The whole world knows that Heroine is my movie, that it was written for me and Madhur was in talks with me," the talented actress, not well known for her modesty, tells TOI.

"I couldn't do it because of date problems so he moved on. What happened in between is not my concern," she says.

What happened in between was Bhandrakar signed on Aishwarya Rai and the film started production on June 7. and a week later Aishwarya announced that she was nearly five months pregnant, forcing Bhandarkar to cancel further shooting of the film.

Kareena confirmed reports that Bhandarkar met her recently in Hyderabad, while she was there to meet with boyfriend Saif Ali Khan, and narrated the script for 'Heroine,' which was modified for Aishwarya as the protagonist.

Having been dropped by Bhandarkar from the project earlier, Kareena is not making it easy for him to take her back.

"I don't have any dates till January next year so I'm not going to sign on any movie till October. I'm really keen to work with Madhur but you'll have to wait for an official announcement," Kareena says, playing hardball.

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