Friday, July 22, 2011

Kate Middleton’s Makeup Too Heavy

Kate Middleton Makeup
Makeup artists from one of the most authoritative celebrity websites have made an attempt to analyze makeup of the new princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, by writing an “open letter”to her.

The princess is now indeed in the focus of attention. Kate Middleton’s style is, by the way, still liked by the overwhelming majority of professionals and ordinary people, but there are doubts as to her make-up.

Makeup artists from the Redcarpet-fashionawards website write that the main problem with the princess’s makeup is rouge and black eyeliner. Moreover, her makeup style is sometimes called a shame. The princess is given the following advice:

  1. Give up the liner. Such a heavy liner is appropriate only for Halloween. For other occasions, especially formal receptions and dinners, you need a different style. The mistake is that the white pencil is visible and it makes the eyeliner rough. If you use an eye pencil, you should line the lower eyelid a shade lighter than the upper one. “A black eyeliner is too heavy for your delicate features, Princess”, the artists write. They offer a brown pencil.
  2. You shouldn’t apply rouge so heavily.Just one stroke of the brush, no more!
  3. “Dear Duchess, give up 90% of your make-up”, the authors of the letter plead. They believe that the make-up Catherine has on, makes her look older. So they suggest switching to a nude makeup.

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