Saturday, July 9, 2011

Katie Price isn’t Getting Married Again

OMG! It seems Katie Price has finally gone off her favourite thing ever… getting married! Yep, believe it or not, Jordan has claimed she will NOT be getting married again. Why? Well, because it’s so expensive and at the rate she goes, it could make her skint!

Speaking on Lee Mack’s new show All Star Cast which is aired tomorrow night, she said: “I’m never getting married again. It’s too expensive to get married and more expensive to divorce. No, I’m definitely not.”

And who said romance was dead? To be honest though, if we were going out with someone as fit as Leandro Penna, we might scrape together the cash. Who cares if someone would have to translate the vows? We are sure we could recruit a bi-lingual priest for the big day.

However, Katie’s track record with nuptials is not good. She has, of course, been married two times before. Her first marriage to Peter Andre ended after four years while her second, to Alex Reid only lasted nine months.
Katie Price admits she would have another baby

While she may not be gearing up to walk down the aisle with the gorgeous Leandro, Katie has already talked about potentially a little sprog with her Argentinian lover boy:

“I’ve adopted an Argentinian man. I wouldn’t adopt an Argentinian baby at this point but I would have a baby with an Argentinian man when the time is right”

Wow! Although, we must admit, that would be one stunning bambino!

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