Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lady Gaga would sound like if she did heavy metal

When we hear Born This Way by Lady Gaga we normally want to chuck down whatever we are doing, grab a hairbrush and dance around like a loon. But we wouldn’t normally see that particular Gaga track as the type of thing you could head bang to. Until now, that is.

Lady Gaga has admitted in the past that she adores heavy metal. She loves Iron Maiden and wrote her song Judas about an ex-boyfriend who was a massive Judas Priest fan. Lady G even featured Queen guitarist Brian May on the track You and I from her latest album.

So, after learning of her love of metal, some kind Gaga fans have given Born This Way a heavy metal make-over. The fans reckon the remix is “How Lady Gaga’s Born This Way would have sounded if Judas Priest had written it with her.”

While we admit we do prefer the original, we think it sounds kind of cool! What do you think?

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