Thursday, July 14, 2011

Levi Johnston’s Sister Mercede Posed for Playboy

The Palins and the Johnstons just continue to put the K in klassy.

It’s now confirmed that the sister of Bristol Palin’s babydaddy, Levi Johnston, will be the subject of a four-page nude pictorial that will run alongside a wordy profile of Sarah Palin and her family in the September issue of Playboy.

Exhibitionism must run in the family — as you’ll recall, Levi himself bared all most in a 2009 online issue of Playgirl.

Mercede Johnston, 18, who goes by the nickname Sadie and regularly (and amusingly) trashes the Palin family on her blog, is admittedly a pretty little thing, so it’s not surprising Playboy wanted to see her flash the goods.

But exactly how far on the Palin and/or Johnston spectrum does this whole 15 minutes of fame go? Will we soon be treated to the naughty bits of a fourth cousin, twice removed? The daughter of someone who once put a Bumpit in Sarah’s hair? An orderly who changed the sheets in the hospital where Bristol’s baby was born?

I hope you can sleep at night, John McCain. This is what your ill-advised VP choice has done to an innocent public.

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