Friday, July 22, 2011

Maria Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger Cope with Son Christopher's Injuries

As Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger cope with the serious injuries sustained by their son Christopher, it's difficult not to wonder how the crises will impact their ongoing divorce.

Christopher, 13, is reported to have collided with a large wave while boogie boarding on Malibu beach the previous weekend.

Maria called 911 from her phone to report the accident, telling the operator in a calm voice.

"He can't move off the beach..maybe like a broken rib or something like that." She offered as explanation, "It's my son...he's awake and breathing..he just can't move...he's having trouble breathing."

Christopher was rushed to ER not far from the scene with several broken bones and a collapsed lung. He spent several days in the Intensive Care Unit and is now expected to make a full recovery.

Maria and Arnold, who are in the midst of a painful divorce following Arnold's admission of a son from an illicit relationship with the Schwarzenegger's long time maid, released a statement earlier today that conveys a sense of unity between the former couple.

"A few days ago our son Christopher suffered an accident at the beach. While it has been a very scary week, Christopher is surrounded by his family and friends. He is a brave boy and is expected to make a full recovery. On behalf of our entire family, we want to sincerely thank the paramedics and lifeguards who responded so swiftly as well as the doctors, nurses, emergency room and hospital staff who have cared for our son. They have been extraordinary to him and to us. We thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers and ask for respect and privacy for Christopher and our family."

Ironically, a few days earlier, even while the couple was coping with Christopher's accident, Arnold's attorney filed a response to Maria's divorce petition that appeared insensitive and cruel, considering that the divorce was prompted by Arnold's infidelity.

In her filing Maria had sought alimony and legal costs from Arnold, both of which Arnold turned down in his response.

Insiders tell TMZ that Arnold's legal response was painful to his wife to say the least.

It seems a little incredible that Arnold would stoop so low and behave this way when she is currently stressed out over her son's health.

A more realistic explanation is that his lawyer check marked the same options he would on any divorce paper and committed an oversight.

If that is indeed true, we could see the former governor amend his filing to comply with Maria's original request?

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