Thursday, July 7, 2011

Natalie Portman Baby Name Revealed

Yep — the future Rhode Scholar Natalie Portman gave birth to earlier this summer has a name. And just as we suspected, it’s a weird one. Not Pilot Inspecktor, Apple, Moses, Monroe, Morrocan weird, but unusual nevertheless. (Really, Mariah, Morrocan?) After much thought, the Israeli-born studious screen stunner has decided to call her Little Tyke: (Drumroll, puhleeze….) Alef. Pronounced “A-Leaf” and not to be confused with Alf, Portman’s son shares his name with the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet.

Call it Nat’s way of keeping in touch with her Jewish roots.

Baby name experts tell us that “the letter represents the ‘oneness of God’ and is related to the element of air….”

Alef is the first son for Natalie, 29, and her choreographer fiance Benjamin Millepied. The couple met on the set of Black Swan, the psychological drama that helped the actress win her first Oscar back in February. Their engagement was announced last December, but they have yet to set a wedding date.

Notorious for her secrecy, Natalie has rarely been spotted in public since Alef’s arrival last month.

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