Thursday, July 7, 2011

Out in 10 days: Casey Anthony release delayed as she gets off with a $4,000 fine


Deciding her fate: Casey Anthony enters the courtroom for her sentencing on charges of lying to a law enforcement officer at the Orange County Courthouse Orlando

Court change release date after 'recalculation'

Sentenced to maximum four one-year consecutive terms and $4000 fine

But she will be released in 10 days because she had already served nearly three
years and has had good behaviour

Prosecutors said lies led to 'wild goose chase' and seek that Anthony be forced to pay for investigation

Second juror to speak out said he wishes they 'had more evidence to put her away' and that Anthony is 'not a good person'

Anthony could be forced to testify in false nanny defamation case

Four year sentence: Casey Anthony, left, smiles and winks to her attorney, Dorothy Clay Sims, before her sentencing hearing

Casey Anthony will walk free from jail next Sunday - four days later than expected - after the Florida court 're-calculated' her release date.

The surprise move comes as Anthony was yesterday sent back to Orange County jail after she was sentenced to four years in prison and fined $4,000 for lying to police.

But in a move that has sparked further outrage across the country, she was told she will be released within days because of time already served and good behaviour.

All smiles: Casey Anthony looked relaxed as she learnt that she will be released, but there are concerns for her safety

Relief: Casey Anthony was told that she will only have to serve another 10 days in jail

Freedom: Casey Anthony talks with her attorneys before the judge decided her sentence

source: dailymail

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