Saturday, July 9, 2011

Robbie Williams Admits to ‘Injecting Sex Hormone Twice a Week’

Robbie Williams has revealed that he has been injecting himself with a sex hormone twice a week.The 37-year-old ‘Take That’ star confessed that he used testosterone jabs to fight crippling lethargy and said that it has changed his life by fetching him a ‘second wind’.According to Esquire magazine, the pop superstar has revealed that a doctor described him as having the sex drive of a 100-year-old man, reports the Sun.The shock diagnosis came after the heart-throb singer asked a medical test in Los Angeles for some Human Growth Hormone – popular with wealthy middle-aged men trying to battle the ravage of time.”To cut a long story short I went to get some HGH. It’s what all the old fellas are on out there in LA that’s making them look 40 instead of 60. It’s improving their health, their memory, their hair, skin,” Williams said.”Could give you cancer. I weighed that up. Thought I’d have it anyway. Went to see a Hollywood doctor. Had my blood tests. Went back. He said, ‘You don’t need HGH. You’ve got the testosterone of a 100-year-old man,” he said.”And then everything made sense. It was kind of an epiphany that day,” he added.

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