Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ryan Phillippe Demi Lovato

Odd Couple Alert! Teen starlet Demi Lovato, 18, and actor Ryan Phillippe aren’t letting a little thing like an 18-year age difference keep them from making googly eyes at one another.

She’s a troubled former Disney Kid with anger management issues and an unhealthy relationship with food. He’s 36, divorced, and has two kids (three, depending on who’s telling the story). Nonetheless, Demi and Ry have been quietly seeing each other “casually” for the past few months. E! News tipsters say Lovato set her sights on the much older after her other May-December romance with actor Wilmer Valderamma frizzled out earlier this year.

To put things in perspectives: Ryan became a sex symbol when Cruel Intentions made waves in 1999…Demi was about seven.

Things hit a rough patch when Ryan’s ex-girlfriend, sometimes-actress Alexis Knapp, gave birth to a daughter, possibly Ryan’s, two weeks ago. Though Demi’s barely old enough to buy cigarettes, she’s well on her way through a Taylor Swift T-style path of getting dumped by male celebrities. She’s already been through Joe Jonas, Miley Cyrus’ brother Trace, and of course Wilmer. Ryan’s also been pretty good about fornicating his way through Hollywood. He was romantically-linked to cat-eyed model Jessica White. And after he “allegedly” impregnated Alexis, he went on to date Amanda Seyfried.

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