Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron Are Dating

Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron have reportedly been dating for months.

"They're exclusive, and it's very hush-hush," a source tells Us Weekly, now on stand.

A witness tells the magazine that Reynolds' motorcycle was parked at Theron's home all morning on June 5.

The witness saw Reynold leave Charlize's house around 3 p.m.; she followed minutes later.

According to the source, the couple is likely to keep their relationship low key.

"She won't go to an event with him," the source says. "That's not her style.

Charlize Theron, 35, split with Stuart Townsend in January 2010 after having been together for nine years.

Reynolds, 34, and Scarlett Johansson filed for divorce on December 23, 2010 in Los Angeles Superior Court after having grown apart pursuing their flourishing careers.

They parted on good terms and according to Life & Style had dinner at Little Dom's in LA last Friday,

A witness told the magazine:

"Scarlett was being very flirty with him, staring into his eyes and listening very intently to everything he was saying. The way Ryan looked at her, you could tell he still has feelings for her."

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