Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sarah Palin May Be About to Become a Grandmother

Back in May, Sarah Palin’s 22-year-old son, Track, married his high school sweetheart. It was a small, family-only ceremony and everyone was in jeans and it took place in a remote Alaska town, which is all lovely and intimate until you remember this was Sarah Palin’s son.

The odds of her not wanting a spotlight when her eldest child married were slim-to-none. The happy couple had been together for years and it would’ve been a great way for Palin to boost her credibility as a promoter of traditional family values.

Unless … the bride already had a family of her own on the way.

Seems Track’s wife of two months has recently been spotted with a pretty big baby-bump, and Gawker posted photos of her at what looks like her own baby shower. And unless chicka’s uterus is a convection oven, that little bun has been baking way longer than eight weeks.

Normally this would be a complete non-story — these were grown-ups doing what grown-ups do. But when one of those grown-ups is the child of a woman who yells from mountaintops (Alaskan and otherwise) about the virtues of an abstinence-only education only to have TWO of her own children wind up with out-of-wedlock pregnancies, well, that’s when it becomes news.

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