Saturday, July 16, 2011

Taylor Swift Adam Young Seeded Her Debut Perfume Name

Taylor Swift's new perfume is named Wonderstruck, a word that Adam Young used in an email to her after they first met, a word from the lyric of her song Enchanted.

Speaking about the fragrance, Swift told Women's Wear Daily:

"I share personal life experiences through my music, and my fragrance will allow me to share these experiences with my fans in a completely different and new way. Falling in love is a moment every girl daydreams about, and Wonderstruck represents that magical feeling of promise and hope and intrigue."

Swift, 21, wrote the a song Enchanted that features on her album Speak Now (2010) for Adam Young.

In February, Young responded by releasing a love song dedicated to Swift, intentionally timed for Valentine's Day, on Owl City's blog. The song is a cover of Swift's Enchanted.

In a recent interview with Us Magazine, Young admits to being surprised when he realized Enchanted was about him, and also refers to his use of the word Wonderstruck.

"Yeah I was (surprised)! I bought her record at midnight when it came out and I was playing through it top to bottom. I love the classic adding up the letters in her lyrics. I got to that song and it added up to my name and I had to take a step back and decipher the code. We emailed back and forth for a while and she made some comment that I used the word 'Enchanted' and the word 'Wonderstruck' in an email and she said how she had never heard anyone really use that word before, so when that word was in the song, I was like this song has to be about me."

The 25-year-old Owl City singer, who got overnight fame with his "Fireflies" single in 2009, says he was enchanted at his first meeting with the 21-year-old country singer:

"I met her in New York and she came to one of my shows and after the show I was backstage in the green room and she was on her way up to meet me and that was the most nerve-racking few minutes of my life just waiting to meet Taylor Swift. When I met her she was glowing and I was too. It's hard to put into words, but I was definitely wonder-struck to meet her."

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