Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Tina Turner Shot Randy Jackson

Randy is a pretty unfortunate name. And doubly unfortunate is the fact that there are two famous guys in the US named Randy Jackson. The one we’re talking about here is not the chubby judge from American Idol, who calls everyone regardless of genitalia “Dawg,” but the younger brother of Michael Jackson, and sometime member of The Jacksons. During an informal interview with Twitter fans over the weekend, Jackson shockingly revealed that fellow musician Tina Turner once shot him after he showed up at he crib unexpectedly.

(Never sneak up on a woman who used to be married to Ike Turner…)

“Yes, Tina Turner shot me. I have the scar to prove it,” he Tweeted.

“Having said that, there was no violence on my part, nor have I ever owned or carried a weapon,” he added.

So what happened? “I went to Tina’s house to see my girlfriend. I guess I caught them off guard. Hmmm…. Next question…It was in the Eighties,” he added. “And I don’t hold a grudge against Tina, she’s a great artist an asset to our industry.”

So apparently “It was in the Eighties” is a good enough reason to forgive someone for shooting you! Especially if they’re a great artist. Good times!

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