Thursday, October 17, 2013

Crazy Tattoo Designs Review - Why This Tattoo Collection is Different From All the Others

Crazy Tattoo Designs Review

Crazy Tattoo Designs is a collection of over 30,000 tattoo designs. It is the largest available on the net, with the next biggest offering 6,000 designs. The website states, "If We Don't Have It, No One Does!" The entire collection can be bought online and downloaded in .Zip files to be saved onto your pc.

Each category is in its own .Zip file, but you do need plenty of time to browse the collection as there is no search option to look for a specific tattoo.

All the major tattoo categories are covered in the collection, such as Butterfly, Celtic, Angel, Devil, Flower, Scorpion, Dragon, Heart and over a 100 more. The category that stands out most is that of tribal tattoos. There are literally thousands of designs with many variations of the same design.

A "Tribal Tattoo Designer" tool is also supplied. This is a piece of software that lets you import, change, stretch and redesign your own tribal tattoo giving you your own unique design. Designs can be printed on a regular printer. You can then take the flash to your tattoo artist to get inked. This feature has just been added.

Other bonuses include ebooks: Got Ink, Getting Inked, Tattoos Unlimited, Tattoo Selection & Care Guide e-book and Chinese Names.

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