Thursday, October 17, 2013

rihanna new tattoo
Heavenly tatted, Chris Brown, has added a new tattoo to his collection and this one bares a striking resemblance to his long lost love Rihanna.
We got a look at this on Sept 1st  and Chris Browns recent tattoo looks very close to that of a battered woman.  After his battery case against ex girlfriend Rihanna people are saying that  it may be a homage to her.
As per sources very close to Chris Brown say that despite the resemblance to her its simply coincidental and has nothing to do with Rihanna.
Tattoos have become a fashion trend so popular these days that a lot of people wishes to have one type of tattoo drawn on their skin.
Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian-American recording artist, model and former beauty queen.
Rihanna's tattoos have drawn so much media attention. She has a total of twelve known tattoos, including a music note tattoo on her ankle, a Pisces sign behind her right ear, a Sanskrit prayer going down her hip, a star in her left ear, the word "love" on her left middle finger, an Arabic phrase on her ribcage area, meaning "Freedom is God", a trail of stars going down the back of her neck, a skull with a pink hair bow, the phrase 'shhh...' on her right index finger, the date '11.4.86′ on top of her left shoulder and a henna-style dragon claw, complete with Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Her most recent gun tattoo was planned to be just below her shoulders but changed it to her ribcage. Although, she was likely to be criticised for her tattoo, BangBang, the tattoo artist, was quick to explain that the image simply "represents strength and power".
At the American Music Awards on Sunday night November, 22, 2009 Robyn Rihanna Fenty showed enough skin to reveal her neck tattoos to her fans. The Sunday night's live show on American Music Awards is bringing more and more interesting and entertaining news for music lovers.
When the famous Barbadian-American recording artist from Saint Michael (Barbados) Robyn Rihanna Fenty appeared on the stage to perform, her tattoos grabbed both the media as well as public attention. Way back in April 2008, since there was a lot of talk about Rihanna's neck tattoos already, the audiences and the viewers at home were pretty keen to have a closer look on the same.
Rihanna talked about her style, explaining why she gets tattoos. "I don't plan my tattoos. It's always something that I love," she said. She is very choosy about her tattoos and she doesn't draw big and ambiguous tattoos but she loves to draw decent tattoos.
Tattoos, she had on her body are not for sex appeal but just for fashion. She admitted that tattoos are like addiction for her. She is so inspired by the tattoos that she always remains in search of interesting and symbolic tattoos.

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